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WHO: For anyone ready to make a change to their health and fitness with direction, outcomes and support. 

WHAT: Take Control is our unique healthcentric fitness and wellbeing program. Over the last decade science has revealed how important a holistic approach to health is so, we will help you track your sleep, mood, nutrition, hydration and exercise habits to ensure you are enabling yourself to be the healthiest you. With three exercise sessions a week, a personal accountability coach to advise on habit changes and a supportive community to join, Take Back Control is the ultimate health boost.

WHY: You want to choose the type of exercise you take part in - the programme gives you access to any of our classes including: fitness classes, boxing, BJJ, MMA, kickboxing, capoeira. You need accountability and to be kept on track. You want results.

HOW: Click to register interest below and we will get in touch to give you more details. Our next orientation is 17th April 2pm.

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