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Established in 2008, we are one of Manchester's longest running martial arts clubs. 

We pride ourselves on our high quality coaches and programmes and we don't think you'll find better martial arts in Manchester, whether that's BJJ, MMA, boxing or kickboxing. Our coaches are all full-time professionals who are highly qualified in their fields and practice what they preach.

Fighting Fit is a community that cares about its members. We don't have thousands who don't attend, we want you to use your membership to benefit you in the best way possible, we want to know your name, your goals and help you achieve them.

Many of our members call the gym their 'second home'. They enjoy being here and it isn't a chore. 

The gym makes up part of their social life as well as being the place they exercise and learn. 

At the same time, we train hard. Our members are amazing, from students to retirees, people from all walks of life show graft and grit every time they walk into the gym. We have members who hold national and international titles, hundreds of medals and belts hang from our walls, professional athletes train with us and also people who have smaller but equally important goals. And we all train together and support each other. 

As a beginner, you'll be welcomed and guided, if you're more experienced, you'll be welcomed and challenged. 

If this sounds like the sort of place you are looking to train, click on the free trial and give us a go. 

We look forward to meeting you. 

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