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MMA Manchester

MMA Tech (Advanced Only)

Tuesday, Thursday 7pm.

MMA Beginners' Course (not included in the membership)

Tuesday, Thursday 6pm, Saturday 11am.

WHO: You're interested in MMA and haven't tried it before OR you've trained in another martial art and want to transfer your skills OR you're already experienced in MMA but want to step up your training. 

WHAT: We offer a rounded curriculum for MMA. If you're a hobbyist, start at the

MMA Beginners' Course. You will learn the foundations of MMA and develop your technique and fitness. If you're more serious and are interested in competing, you can move into the sparring classes. You will also be able to develop your skills to a high level and benefit from the additional support we offer. In order to get all aspects of MMA, we'd expect you to also study submission grappling (no-gi). 

WHY: You'll learn to strike, kick, take down and ground fight. You'll get super fit. You'll develop skills and have the opportunity to take it to the level you want to. 

COMPETITORS: We offer additional training sessions per week for the competition team only and strength and conditioning sessions designed by our S&C head coach. You also have access to our sports therapist and support team to corner you when you come to compete.


HOW: Get started now. Click below to find out more about the Beginners' Course. Please note, because of the nature of MMA, we do not allow free trials for absolute beginners.  

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