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Martyn Cahill

Head Coach

Martyn has been training in martial arts for over 20 years. He achieved his black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu in 2007 at the same time as training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He started training with CFS in 2010 and was awarded his black belt in BJJ in July 2013 by Master Ricardo De La Riva and Professor David Onuma. He is now a 3 stripe Black Belt.

Martyn is an active competitor and has medalled at several national and international BJJ competitions.
As well as being highly skilled in BJJ, he has also trained and studied MMA and boxing for over 15 years and has coached and cornered our competition teams to some great successes.

His approach to coaching is cerebral and methodical; he treats it like a science.

Mike Profile copy.jpg

Mike Woodhall
BJJ Coach

Mike is a black belt who has competed at a high level at every belt to great success. He has been training in martial arts since 2008 when he started kickboxing and MMA. After multiple fights, he decided to specialise in BJJ.


Mike has competed extensively and medalled internationally in competitions such as IBJJF Euros No Gi, IBJJF Spanish Nationals, Paris Open, ADCC and has 2 belts from Naga wins.  

Since winning the British Open at brown belt and submitting all of his opponents, he has favoured superfights where he has encountered some very high level opponents. 

Mike supports Head Coach Martyn in delivering syllabus classes and supporting the competition team. He also helps to develop the MMA athletes in the run up to their fights. 



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Oyinda Oduntan
BJJ Coach

Oyinda has been training in martial arts for the last 10 years. She initially started in 2012 with striking training in both boxing and kickboxing. Oyinda then shifted focus to Brazilian Jiujitsu when she joined fighting fit in 2014.

Oyinda is a BJJ brown belt and a seasoned competitor who has competed across the world. She has several UK and European titles from Rome, Paris and Spain to name a few as well as becoming a Vegas World Masters medalist in 2018.

Oyinda teaches the beginners' BJJ course. Her approach to training, coaching and competing in BJJ is about making it fun but also bringing an iterative problem-solving mindset to every situation. 


Kate strength and conditioning.jpg

Kate Whapples

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Kate is our Head S&C coach at Fighting Fit Manchester. With a BSc in Strength and Conditioning Science and a MRes degree in sport science she is qualified to help with any of your strength and conditioning needs. Kate leads the S&C provision for the competitive fighters at the gym, whilst also having experience coaching within Premier League Football Academies and other elite athletes.

Lauren profile.jpg

S&C Coach

Lauren is a strength and conditioning coach with a BSc Hons in Sports Science and an MS in Strength and Conditioning. 

Lauren has experience coaching Olympic Weightlifting and coaching athletes from netball and academy football. 

Lauren delivers high-energy, fun but challenging classes that will help you improve your training performance. 

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Melissa Hobson
Mobility coach

Melissa joined the coaching team after first joining the gym as our member advisor back in 2020. Her love of yoga and all things movement, naturally led to her to taking on the role of Mobility Coach. 

Her Rise and Shine mobility classes are a mix of yoga flows, animal movements and various flexibility training methods, and have proved a popular edition to the timetable among the martial artists who are looking to improve their sports performance. 

Melissa is a certified level 3 personal trainer and level 2 kettlebell instructor. She is a BJJ blue belt who competes regularly and has a strong passion in helping people improve their performance, whether that's on or off the mats.

Get in touch for 1-2-1 sessions. 

Josh boxing coach.jpg

Josh Cook

HEAD Boxing Coach

Josh Lakner-Cook has been boxing for 12 years and competing for 8, with an ABA record of 18-8 and unlicensed 4-2. He now holds his professional licence. After completing the Hatton ABC Coaching qualifications, Josh began his coaching career, specialising in advanced boxing technique. His coaching ethos is about continuously building perfect & solid fundamentals whilst growing and cultivating your own personal style into your boxing game. Josh enjoys strength training, boxing specific strength & mobility training.

jack profile copy.jpg

KIckboxing/MMA Coach

Jack has over a decade of experience in a range of martial arts having trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Boxing, Catch Wrestling, and Judo. He currently competes in both professional mixed martial arts (MMA) as well as bare knuckle boxing and often acts as cornerman for both the amateur and professional fighters at Fighting Fit.

Jack has travelled extensively and worked with many different coaches over the years, giving him a wide perspective on both fighting styles and training methodology.

Jack believes that martial arts can be used as a tool for self-improvement and there is something anyone can gain from training in them, even if their ultimate aim is not competition.


Stef Murray
KIckboxing/MMA Coach

Stef has over 10 years experience as a personal trainer specialising in callisthenics, strength and conditioning and functional movement specific to combat sports. 

He believes that it is vital to lead by example and plays a senior role in our fight team holding an established record against nationally ranked opponents alongside being a BJJ purple belt. 

Stef feels it is vital to understand each client's goals on a personal level in order to attain the best results. You can expect to be challenged physically whilst enjoying a good laugh. Attention to detail is key. 

Stef continues to learn and develop his craft everyday, reiterating the importance of challenging yourself in order to embrace self development, both in and out of the gym. 

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