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Kobudō (Suitable for all)

Wednesday 8pm

Sunday 10am

WHO: You are interested in traditional martial arts and perhaps Japanese history. 

WHAT: Classes are taught by a 13th Dan black belt who has trained in the martial art for over 30 years. Expect to train in striking, grappling, throws and a variety of weapon training. Kata are taught dynamically and practiced with a partner.

WHY: You want to learn a complex skillset in one martial art along with the cultural and historical relevance of each of the areas you are studying.


HOW: Get started now. Click below to sign up for a free trial.  


The origins of Ninjutsu stem from as far back as the early 12th century. Medieval Japanese warriors began equipping themselves with combat skills that would foil the samurai armies. Throughout the last 900 years, Ninjutsu has developed with each generation, adapting to landscape, circumstance and technology.

Kobudo Manchester’s our aim is to preserve the essence, and valuable combat experience, of the exponents of these martial arts but also to adapt, as they would have done, to modern day circumstances, scenarios and fight styles. As martial arts become ever more popular, people are more interested in not just protecting themselves, but using combat systems to improve and test their fitness and competence.

Budo Taijutsu, often called ninjutsu, is a traditional martial art that has it’s foundations built across 9 different ryu-ha (schools), dating back to the early 12th century. Each school has its own speciality and style of movement which form together to make a comprehensive martial art and self protection system.

Each class will take you through various areas of our training programme which is designed to move you through the rank structure from white belt to black belt and beyond. In the classes you will learn:

  • Kamae – Posture

  • Taihenjutsu – Body movement (rolling, leaping, breakfalls)

  • Dakentaijutsu – Striking methods

  • Jutaijutsu – Grappling methods

  • Budotaijutsu – Weapons training

  • Kenko Undo – Fitness and conditioning

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