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Starts 2nd October 2023

  • 6 weeks. 2 x weekly sessions. 

  • Coaching from high-level brown and black belt instructors.

  • Progress Gi and belt (worth £65)

  • Monday & Wednesdays 5:30pm

  • £150

What is this course and is it suitable for me?


  • Designed for beginners or those with limited experience.

  • There is no required fitness or skill level to join.

  • Learn solid fundamentals and gain the confidence to move into our white belt technique classes. 

  • Expect to get super fit whilst learning new friends!

Course information.

The intention of the course is to get you prepared for the main classes so that you can enter into the white belt curriculum comfortably and access our regular timetable with confidence. BJJ is a complex martial art that takes a commitment of time to see progression. In order to improve at a rate where you will feel satisfied, you need to be training at least twice a week, preferably 3 times. This course will help you to develop good training habits and help you to feel like you are making good ground in the early stages of your BJJ training. 


You'll learn important concepts that underpin the sport and then drill techniques with a partner. At the end of the course you'll get the chance to demonstrate what you've learned and graduate onto our mixed level classes. 

What's included?

You'll receive expert coaching from 2 high level black and brown belts. On signing up, you will be sent an email with a size guide. Please follow the instructions in the email and let us know which size gi you require in our member app. Your gi will be ready to collect from the gym just before your first class. All you need to bring is a t-shirt or rash guard to go underneath. The course is split over 6 weeks with 2 training sessions per week on Monday and Wednesday at 5.30pm. 


What does it cost?

The whole 12 session course including kit is only £150. With the Progress jiu-jitsu gi worth £68, each class works out at only £7! The course fee is paid up-front and then you'll continue onto a rolling membership* of £75pcm straight after you've graduated the course. This allows you access to over 50 weekly classes on the gym timetable, meaning you will be consistent with the great new habit you'lldeveloped.

*You'll be offered the option to opt out of this before the course ends.


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