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Brazilian Jiujitsu


BJJ Skills and Drills (Suitable for all)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30pm

BJJ Technique Class (Suitable for all)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6pm

BJJ Sparring (Suitable for advanced)

Monday, Wednesday 7pm

Competition Class (Suitable for advanced)

Saturday 10am

WHO: Literally for everybody. You cannot be too big, small, fit, unfit, young or old. BJJ can be adapted for any body type or ability.

WHAT:Due to government guidelines, we have had to change the format of our classes. The BJJ Skills and Drills are solo drills practicing position and movement in a HIIT format. You will focus on movement, honing technique and positional understanding and improving your fitness. The BJJ Tech sessions will be suitable for members who can work with a partner from their 'bubble' or are happy to try it out with a grappling dummy. BJJ Sparring and Competition classes will ONLY be available to people who can train with a person from their bubble. 

WHY: Our Head coach is Martyn Cahill, a second degree black belt who has been training in martial arts for 20 years. On the mat, you will see several other black belts and brown belts, competitors who have achieved European and World titles but also beginners who have only just started and never done a day of martial arts before. We all train together, respect each other and help each other out. 
If you've been thinking of trying it out, this is the place to start. 

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