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The New Normal

With lots of people not returning to their pre-lockdown normal of big commutes and long days at the desk, let’s look at how we can make the most of a new routine.

Your Work Station

First things first, whilst days at the desk may be a thing of the past, if you work predominantly from your laptop you need to get your work station right. Laptops are great at allowing us to work whenever and wherever, but they have been linked with lots of back, neck and shoulder issues.

The trick to a back-friendly day of working from your laptop is to correct things before you get back pain! Don’t let things get to a place of aching before you fix things.

Heres some tips to ensure your workplace is as safe as possible.

  • Try using a separate keyboard so that the screen can be at eye level to avoid stooping at the neck.

  • Make sure your laptop is on a stable base, avoid working from your lap or using a cushion as a laptop stand whilst sitting on the couch.

  • Schedule in regular breaks to get up and move, try 5 minutes of stretching or walking every hour to combat those aches and pains.

What to do with your extra hours

With lots of people finding an extra few hours in their day after removing long commutes for walks to the table, why not make new healthy habits to use that time wisely?

Scheduling a 30 minute yoga class before work is a great way to start the day! Yoga or mindfulness before work has also been shown to improve your productivity throughout your working hours and reduce stress caused by work.

If yoga isn’t your thing, what about a HIIT class to wake yourself up? Getting your workout done first thing can help make sure its slotted into your day and helps alleviate the risk of “I’ve had a long day.. I’ll do my workout tomorrow”. The word tomorrow to most fitness coaches is known as the magical land where 99% of workouts must happen. Spoiler, tomorrow never comes so just get it done today!

After a day at your desk, its a really good idea to get moving before relaxing for the evening. Whether this is a dog walk, a fitness class, a run or getting to the gym any activity is better than none, so get yourself up and moving!

Eating Right

Being within touching distance of the kitchen is not always a positive thing. Its never been easier to snack or leave food plans to the last minute. But, on the bright side there’s also never been a better time to start eating wholesome healthy lunches with everything at your fingertips!

The best tip to eating healthy lunches is to plan what and when you’re going to eat. Setting your meal times is a brilliant way to control your meals and help you settle into a new routine. Eating when hungry can be problematic, as it can spiral into eating when bored and other avenues of emotional eating. Making sure you have either pre-cooked or at least planned what you will make helps you to avoid temptation!

To wrap it up..

Whilst 2020 has been a crazy year, hopefully lots of people have had time to reflect on their lifestyles and make changes to become healthier individuals.

If you have any more specific questions or would like extra help improving your lifestyle, look out for our “Take Back Control” program launching soon.

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